My name is Leigh-Anne Alexander and my fitness story is a never ending tale. 


I have an amazing identical twin sister named Heather. Our whole lives we have naturally always been compared to each other. I have always been not necessarily the more overweight twin but I have always been the "bigger" twin. Growing up I was always frustrated with myself and I have always battled with inconsistency. Gaining weight and dramatically loosing weight. I have never found the happy medium, I have felt like many of you out there who are just not happy with yourselves.


I have always been active. I played sports my whole life, worked out in my garage, ran around the neighborhood, joined gyms and found ways to not stay on the couch all day. However my body still fluctuated...that was the only consistency I knew...knowing to keep my size 5s that don't fit right now while I am a size 3 because in a couple months I will be a size 5 again. 


I met Jesica about 4 years ago doing zumba at a local gym. Besides becoming my friend she became my trainer. Throughout our fitness journey Jesica has taught me more about fitness than I even knew existed...did you know that there are actually more fun and less time consuming activities for cardio and burning fat than just getting on a treadmill? That was just one thing I learned from her! Jesica has inspired,motivated, and taught me how to become consistent with not only exercise but my lifestyle and eating habits.She has taught me the one thing that is the key to all of this. BALANCE. Looking through my pictures in the past 4 years my weight has fluctuated slightly...but to be honest it was hard for me to find a dramatic before and after because Jesica has taught me how to manage my personal weight goals. 


However that is not why I have been a loyal client of Jesica's for the past 4 years. What keeps me around is who she is as a person and a trainer. Jesica lives her life to truly help others. She builds a personal bond with each client or even person she meets. She can meet you one time and remember your name and your story. I don't know many trainers who truly take the time to listen to you,understand you, and then create a personalized plan for you. Jesica has the best intentions for everyone she meets and wants to see them reach their goals and that is what inspires her daily to help others. 


Along with helping me with my lifestyle change she has always been there for me when I need the help and I know I can always count on her. She tests my limits mentally and physically daily. This year alone I have ran a half marathon Spartan race, a tough mudder, and multiple 5k's and 10k's. I have reached a true balance with my diet and exercise. I have competed onstage in bikini for NPC. I have accomplished so many goals I would have never done on my own without the help of Jesica. I will continue to follow her as long as I am able to and look forward to what new goals she can help me accomplish next.


My fitness story is one about consistency, balance, and knowing that I have grown and I am proud to say I have accomplished so much and I couldn't have done it without my trainer Jesica and all of my friends and family at home and at HT FITNESS.