When I first started out on this journey, I only had one goal in mind: to lose weight. 

Through the process of trying to meet that goal with the help and guidance of Jesica, I was able to develop a new habit of exercising every day and eating healthy whole foods. This change has become more than just weight loss to me. I’ve tried many diets and home workouts throughout the years and have lost weight, but never have stuck with

anything long enough to be able to say that it is a lifestyle until now. Jesica has 

helped me to be more active than ever before which enables me not only to keep up 

with my kids’ and their school, but also my work schedule and nursing school. I am 

forever grateful and looking forward to continuing this journey.


I was 259lbs at my heaviest point, I tried several workouts on DVD and 

eating healthier for a couple years. I would drop weight, but I always seemed to level off 

around 230lbs. I started with Jesica because my wife had begun changing to a healthy 

lifestyle and was successful, so I figured, why not?  After months of intense workout and 

clean eating, I was able to lose the weight! I am finally below 200lbs(198lbs)!!  Jesica 

has helped me to get back into an active lifestyle and I am on my way to a healthier 

happier life!